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evilzug's Journal

2 September 1979
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I came down from heaven in a golden suitcase.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

I maintain the internetzug community. It's great and strange. Join!

I like cool people. You can be my friend if:

You DO:
- Post awesome artwork, writing, photos, (anything creative, really).
- Post random cool things you find on the interweb.
- Post about things OTHER then mundane life.

- Post about boring stuff like:
-- What you did in school today.
-- What you had for breakfast.
-- How bored you are.
-- You think there is a point to internet fighting.

I'm think it's fine for people to post these things, I just don't find them interesting.

Everything in this journal is a crosspost from http://www.scatteredgenius.com. It is a high traffic blog, I post a lot of youtubes and big-screeeny-takey-uppy-stuff. If this is going to break your precious layout, or it bothers you for some reason, reconsider our livejournally interrnetty friendship.

Go to http://www.tommannino.com for more information about me.