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World of Warcraft Raid Bosses

P.s. This skit won judges choice a week before Blizzcon announced The Frozen Throne expansion. They must have really liked the skit.

Here’s the script, and what I believe to have been the final audio played during the skit

Vent Chatter winds down.</p>

“Good raid, guys.”

“Good game. See you tomorrow.”

“grats on loot.”

Raid Leader has left the server.

Vashj: “I am getting SOOOO tired of being killed. Over and over, day after day… Farm Status for the LOSE. I barely have enough time to respawn before the next guild comes parading into my lair.

Sylvanas enters and walks towards Vashj, helping her up.

Sylvanas: “Be thankful you at least drop something worthwhile, Vashj. They’ve been killing me for years, and all I’ve ever had to offer is some gold, and a smidgen of Honor points. I don’t understand why they even bother… Where do you keep all that ‘phat loot‘ anyway?”

Vashj: *flustered and rather offended* “None of your business, Sylvanas. I can’t even use most of this stuff. Do I look like I can WEAR these Cobra-Lash boots?”

Arthas enters from the side, rather sheepish.

Arthas: “Hey, ladies.”

Sylvanas and Vashj turn in surprise and disgust.

Sylvanas: “What are YOU doing here, ARTHAS?!”

Arthas: “Well… the Frozen Throne loses its’ appeal by the third year of isolation. So… when IS my expansion coming out anyway?”

Sylvanas: “With any luck, NEVER.

Vashj: Look, you have no idea just how ridiculously… (she realizes how she can turn it around on him) …AWESOME it is to be a Raid Boss!”

Vashj nudges Sylvanas. She picks up on the idea.

Sylvanas: “Oh, definitely! You get friends coming to see you ALL the time!”

Arthas: “Friends?!” (excited)

Vashj: “Yes, and you get lots of special, epic items for your own Loot Table!”

Arthas: “I get a loot table?!?” (beams) Oh man, I can’t wait!

Arthas’ cell phone rings with Alizee ring tone. Arthas looks at the phone and excitedly states “It’s Kel’thuzad. Hold on a sec.” Picks up the phone.

Arthas: “Hey there, Kelthizzle-my-nizzle. What’s up?”

Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” plays through the phone loudly. Arthas looks pissed while the girls kind of chuckle at him. A raspy chuckle is heard on the other end.

Kel’thuzad: “Haha, Rick-rolled, fool! You just got Kel’thuzOWNED!”

Arthas quickly hangs up.

Arthas: “I hate that guy. So yes! I’ll go pack-”


Arthas: “What the hell is that?”

Sylvanas: “That’s impossible, it’s 5:00am!”

Vashj: “No one should be on and raiding at THIS hour!”

A ventrilo voice is heard going “Crikey, it’s Arthas!”

Sylvanas and Vashj: “The Austrailians!”

Sylvanas: “Well, I suppose if the three of us work as a team, we could give them a Wipe they’ll NEVER forg-“

All audio cuts out as Arthas runs in a circle, Vashj is frozen in place, and Sylvanas is running in place. Suddenly two stage ninjas run out and drop a “You have been Disconnected” scroll to block the characters. The Disconnected changes to Logging in and the scroll is dropped with the 3 characters laying on the ground dead, Vent chatter fading away. Mario Game Over music plays.


Thanks to these guys:

They redid the skit with the clean audio for us!:

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